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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Young at heart

Coloring fad spreads to county libraries

Coloring books are no longer just for kids.
Turns out adults are picking them up in record numbers as a new ‘coloring’ trend continues to grow nationwide. The titles fill bookstore displays and are topping national best seller lists.
Jose Canelo, an inventory manager at Blick Art Materials in Fort Lauderdale, said the books and colored pencils are popular items at the store. And these aren’t the simplistic pages that children color. Adult books feature mandalas, intricate patterns and stylized images.
“I’m impressed with the variety,” Canelo said. “They’re extremely detailed ... with amazing illustrations. People love them.”
Hannah Hostyk, co-president of Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library, has caught on to the craze and is organizing coloring meetups. So far, the events are attracting about three dozen people.
On a recent night, the group hosted a coloring session featuring relaxing background music. The group provides high-quality coloring pages and pencils.
“It was incredibly relaxing,” Hostyk said. “It’s very much in the moment. Everything else disappears around you. Even in a group, you have that same sense. It’s a very Zen feeling.”
For many it was the first time they’d colored since their school days. But in this room, unlike school, there are no rules. Folks nibbled on cookies. One table brought a bottle of wine.
The social aspect is what drew Fern Cantor. It also gave her the chance to be a kid in a grown-up setting, she said.
“It was an opportunity to reduce some stress and still be in an environment with like-minded people,” Cantor said.
Darlene Oklin attended with her husband, Ron, a dentist. She was curious to try her hand at the art. However, he found the intricate designs didn’t offer enough diversion from the up-close work he does for a living.
“It was fun,” Darlene Oklin said. “It’s a good way to meet people.”
Hostyk said the events typify the Friends’ mission.
“We look for different activities that build community. Coloring is one more,” Hostyk said. “You can do it by yourself, but it’s so much nicer with people.”
The next adult coloring night is March 10 at the Stirling Road Branch Library, 3151 Stirling Rd. in Hollywood. For information, call 954-357-7550 or email
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