Update from our Co-President, Hannah

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dear Friends,
When you pay your membership dues or dedicate a shelf or make a general contribution to the Friends, where do your funds go? And in what ways do the Friends help create community? Let me give you a quick snapshot of just the past two weeks:
  • You helped sponsor a Magic Show which brought over 60 kids and their parents to our library on a hot summer day!
  • You bought snacks and water for the kids who come to the library to have a free lunch and who also received, thanks to you, a free book from Scholastic! We thank those of you who responded to our last email and asked to give extra funds to help supplement this program. Click the link to see how the Sun Sentinel reported on our Group's involvement with those in our community who are hungry: https://www.readoz.com/#/viewer?id=hurEvdhfYz3HcH&page=7
  • You helped to bring WLRN's Michael Stock to our branch in partnership with The Music Club of Hollywood for a series focused on Folk Music together with sing-a-longs!
  • You hosted a group of outstanding high school students from Hollywood Hills High School and showed them how to use the library most effectively for this data driven age! This group came up with such creative, exciting ideas for our library!
  • You organized a free SAT/ACT program and College Prep seminars for this summer to help even the playing field for all high school students (see flyer above and help publicize this program to all teachers and families who might be interested). We are so proud of this program and thank Sanderson Test Prep and International College Counselors for contributing their time to our community!
  • You advocated for Sunday hours and Broward County Commissioners Tim Ryan and Beam Furr heard you!! Our library will soon be open on SUNDAYS!!
  • You sponsored a Book Club and Short Story Group which brings together readers who share their love of books monthly.

Remember that our MOOCS on India and Japan begin on Tuesday, July 5th! I will be curating the courses and hope to see you there. So far we have a lovely group of people who have registered. To enroll, click on this link:  stirlinglibraryfriends@gmail.com
And be sure to follow us on Twitter (https://www.twitter.com/StirlingFriends and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/stirlinglibraryfriends) so that we can get all pertinent information to you! If you don't know how to do this, let me know and I will help you.

Wishing you all the best!
Hannah Handler Hostyk
Co-President of the Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library

This snapshot is from our slower summer season but your efforts on behalf of the library are anything but! And all of this is accomplished with your volunteer efforts. You make all of this happen but we need your help in order to continue. Do you want to play a more active role in our Group? We are looking for people who love the library and are ready to put time into sustaining the work that we do. If you're ready, willing, and able, please email by clicking here and Julie Mukamal,my co-president, and I will meet you for a coffee to discuss how you can help our library to transform our community!! Click here: stirlinglibraryfriends@gmail.com.