Stuart Hopen's new review of a book by a writer who grew up right here in Hollywood, Florida

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Finishing School - The Happy Ending to That Writing Project You Can't Seem to Get Done

"The essence of Finishing School is a method for connecting with others in a non-judgmental way in order to get things done.  By discarding categories of good and bad, it enables the participants to focus on a goal.  The book describes an approach that could apply generically to almost any kind of project.  It emphasizes bonding and forming connections with other people in order to promote individual efforts.  It does so in a way that encourages completion without regard to the actual content—or even the actual value– of what gets completed.  The protocol could apply to anything.  The universality of the process becomes apparent when you consider that the authors were specifically addressing to what is commonly the loneliest activity in the world—the capturing of dreams, the rendering of passing ephemeral thoughts into concrete and organized form, the preservation of gathered information that otherwise resides in the leaking vessels of memory, or in the distorting streams of verbal exchange."

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